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Outsourcing the voiceover for your eLearning?

Working with voice actors and narrators should be a breeze, not a hassle.
My friendly, clear and honest voice reflects who I am and what you can expect partnering with me.
I'm ready, with my empathetic and unique human voice, to enhance and support your creative work.

Sunny personality.

True blue standards.

A breeze to work with.


I'm a full-time voice actor and narrator with 20 years of experience in eLearning narration and characters. Every module or course is a chance to collaborate with learning experts and share key insights with learners. I understand the project development process and the countless working hours that come down to my distinctly human voice delivering your carefully chosen words.

The bright voice to help you shine.

My voice is clear and and genuine, a typical American gal with the age range of young adult to middle age. I can easily portray a colleague, executive, administrator, mentor, subject matter expert, guide or inner voice. Clients turn to me to help explain the features of a new car, how to use a computer system, proper medical protocols and standards for workplace behavior and procedures. Universities depend on me to relay course content for undergraduates and graduate students in nursing, social work, management, law and education.

eLearning developers and producers say:

Based in the Pacific Northwest, I’m ready and able
to record eLearning courses and modules for trainers,
instructional designers, producers, universities, SMEs
and content creators anywhere in the world.

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